Terms and conditions of Eucookie.eu

General information
  1. Provider of the service and owner of the website eucookie.eu is Altamira Softworks, s. r. o., Jaskový rad 187, 83101 Bratislava, Slovakia, ID No.: 44880774, VAT ID: SK2022861368 (the "Provider").
  2. The "Service" is the cookie consent widget implementable on the website of the user registered on eucookie.eu website (the "Client").
  3. These Terms of Service (the “Terms”) are the prerequisition for your use of the services on our website eucookie.eu. Accepting these Terms, either by clicking a box indicating your acceptance by registration or by obtaining source code of cookie consent for your website, you agree that these Terms form part of the agreement between you (the "Client") and the Provider (the “Agreement”).
  4. These Terms were last updated on May 05, 2018 and are effective between Client and Provider immediately after indicating your consent by setting up an account at eucookie.eu. Provider reserves the right to change these Terms anytime.
Service terms
  1. After the registration by providing your email address and domain, your account will be set up automatically and you're able to obtain source code, which can be implemented into the source code of the website running on domain you provided at the registration, or later supplied using user interface in your account on the websie eucookie.eu.
  2. Provider provides just the technical solution and IT infrastructure, Client is fully responsible for his website to be compliant with GDPR and/or any other valid laws. Provider never takes over reponsibility over non-compliancy of the Client's websites.
  3. Provider cannot guarantee that using Service will lead to full compliance with all relevant rules and regulations concerning the use of cookies or the collection of consents to the use of cookies. Provider encourages the client to consult his compliancy with local law consultants.
  4. Service itself uses cookies to provide functionality, and stores one cookie on the devices of the visitors of Client's website(s).
  5. User consents are identified by Unique randomized ID, IP address, User agent and website URL. Data are stored on Providers servers in a datacenter in Frankfurt, Germany, provided by Hetzner Online GmbH.
  6. All the user consents provided by the visitors of the Client's websites are accessible using the online interface after loggin in to the Client's personal account. Consents are stored exactly 1 year, then they are erased.
Privacy policy
  1. You may always use our website anonymously.
  2. If you decide to create an account, you'll be asked to supply us with your email address and domain you would like to use. In this first registration we do not require your name.
  3. If you decide to use the Service, you'll be asked to supply us with more information, for example your name and surname.
  4. We are entitled to use your email address for marketing purposes.
  5. We use your personal data for internal purposes - to be able to communicate with you concerning the Service, deliver you commercial offers and personalize the website content.
  6. Your personal data will not be shared to 3rd parties.
  7. Cookies which you may or may not accept to use will be shared do 3rd parties - for analytical and marketing purposes.
Privacy policy - end user
  1. Service itself uses cookies to provide functionality, and stores one cookie on the devices of the visitors of Client's website(s).
  2. Cookie contains following data: randomized Unique ID of the user, anonymized IP address, user agent information, URL from which the consent was provided and information about which cookies did the user allowed.
  3. This cookie is set as 1st party cookie on the end user's device.
  4. Unique ID is used as an identification of the user's device and stored within all other information on the Provider's infrastructure. Client has access to this information using online interface after logging in to his account. Using the Unique ID, Client can provide a proof of consent to the End user and / or authorities, if necessary.
  1. Personal data are stored inside Provider's cloud platforms. The physical security is maintained by Provider's subcontractors. Hetzner’s datacenters comply with industry standards such as ISO 27001 for physical security and availability.
  2. We never disclose the personal data to 3rd parties. This does not include trusted third parties or subcontractors assisting us in operating our business. Such trusted parties may have access to personal data on a necessary basis and will be contractually obliged to keep your information confidential.
  3. Access to personal data is restricted and only individually authorized personell may access them.
  4. Personell who may have access to personal data, including any subcontractors are under full confidentiality, according to existing valid contracts.