What are cookies?

What cookies are? Cookies are small text files, stored inside the device of the user of the website. If you visit website waterofthefuture.org again, thanks to that file, you will be connected quicker, moreover the website will recognize you, and offer you information which you prefer, takes care of personalization of the ads on the side, offers you a lot of functionalities leading to a more user-friendly website as autofilling your name or surname while inputting various forms on the website. Moreover, cookies allow us to offer you social media plugins (Facebook, Instagram) and track the activity and analyse visits on the website waterofthefuture.org.

We are using 4 kinds of cookies on the website waterofthefuture.org. You can choose which of those kinds will be stored on your device, at the first visit on the website, or anytime later using the button in the bottom part of the website. If you have problems with setting cookies correctly, please contact the administrator of the website, who help you as soon as possible.

We use these types of cookies:

  1. required - cookies, which are inevitable to run the website waterofthefuture.org.
  2. analytical - cookies (incl. 3rd party), which are necessary to analyse visits and behaviour of the visitors of the website, mostly cookies of service Google Analytics.
  3. marketing - cookies (incl. 3rd party), which are necessary to offer you social media functions and marketing functionalities, including personalisation of the ads on the website and a possibility of ads targeting even outside website waterofthefuture.org.
  4. preferences - cookies, which are used to personalize content according to the user.

Website waterofthefuture.org uses also 3rd party Cookies, mostly, but not only: Google Adwords, Google Adsense, Google Analytics, Hotjar, Smartlook, Facebook, Instagram, Eucookie.eu, etc.

In case you change your cookie settings policy, or do not accept cookie usage, except for "required" cookies, cookies will not be stored in your device.